Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Albertsons shopping trip

Okay, so I did the double coupon thing at Albertson's yesterday and look what I got!!!!

Everything on the left side I got for free or they paid me. Here is what I got:

5 boxes of Wheat Thins = they paid me 5 cents
6 bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce = free
3 bags of Ritz Toasted Chips = the paid me 3 cents
2 boxes Planters Big Nut Bars = they paid me 2 cents
6 boxes of Bagelfuls = they paid me $1.25
3 boxes Ritz crakers = they paid me 36 cents
1 package Band Aid 30 ct = they paid me 32 cents
1 box Carefree liners economy size = .51 cents
4 bottles Apple Juice = 3.00 (.75 each)
2 boxes Honey maid crackers= 1.98 (not on sale, but still can't beat .99 cents a box)
2 1.5 qts Breyers Ice Cream = $2.00 (1.00 each, that is INSANE)
4 packages Taco Bell Taco Seasoning = $2.80 ( .70 each)
2 bottles A-1 Steak Sauce = $1.58 (.79 each) WHY DID I NOT GET MORE!!!!
2 2 lb blocks of cheese = $7.98 (smoking deal for 1.99 lb)
1 Visine L.R. = .67 cents
2 packages Kraft Deli slice cheese = $5.00 ( of course they are on sale today are 1.88, live and learn!!!)
2 packages Kraft Deli meats = $5.00
1 72 ct Listerine Pocket Pack = .50 cents
4 loves of Orrowan Double Fiber Bread = $7.00
2 Albertsons reuseable bags = 1.44 (I got these on the orders where they would have ended up paying me!!!) I had 2 orders where I paid 6 cents!!!

So I spent appromiately $50.00 and saved $250.00
26 items were FREE or THEY PAID ME!!!!!

Alot of this stuff is food storage, my family will not eat an entire box of Ritz crackers this week, or even the next, but one day when we have a party I will need them and since I have them in my food storage I will not have to run to the store and pay $4.00 for them. They actually paid me .12 cents to buy them. So, anywho. That is how this system is so effective. You stock up on what is on sale and combine coupons. BUT when they double coupons then that is really awesome.

Happy shopping. I want to hear about your shopping experiences. K


  1. Kiersten you did awesome!!!

  2. I cant wait until I get as good as you...hopefully someday.